Tuesday, 10 February 2015


Canon 5D mkii - 50mm 1.4
Canon AE1 - 50mm 1.4
Mamiya 645 super - 80mm 2.8

I have always been intrigued by culture and the way people live, and probably more importantly how I end up meeting these people.
Sam Sho Turner, born in Malaysia, to and English Father and Japanese Mother, originally raised in Japan before moving to Spain and over the last 18 months living in the United Kingdom.
Over his time in the UK I have grown to know Sam well and often spend time talking about his family, his lifestyle, his parents, his upbringing and what he foresees in the future for himself.
Having grown up in the same small town since birth, I find it so interesting that others have such a completely different style of upbringing and how this can impact their views, opinions and general outlook.
I want to continue to document Sam over the next 6 months, hoping to gain a real, yet raw understanding of who he is and hopefully be able to give the viewer a understanding of this too.

I have been experimenting with portraiture more and more, really starting to enjoy it, as I have exploring media. Shooting a range of film and digital is allowing me to really capture and build an idea of how I see this project finishing. I have personally really enjoyed "getting my hands dirty" again in the darkroom, developing my own black and white films and pushing myself to practice my own printing.

Keep your eyes pealed if you're into portraiture, I'm hoping to end this project with something of value.

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