Thursday, 5 February 2015


Canon A1 - 50mm 1.4
Fujifilm - Superia X-Tra 400

Tingewick, Buckingshire.

After a long relationship with Kodak Portra, I made the decision to experiment with my film choice. As many avid film users can tell you, once you find a film that works for you, which you understand and can connect with, getting the desired results its a massive deal to up and change.
I had heard really positive things about Superia and saw it at a really good price, and thought it was time to experiment with it.
So, the results, the colouration/saturation is pretty immaculate, but I don't feel that it has the same depth to it as the Portra, something is missing. I am going to try with portraiture to see how it stands the test.

For the time being, onwards with "Who Am I With."

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